sweetnspicy features
  1. Get over 7200+ recipes with 1200+ video recipes
  2. Well Categorized, including Regional, Special Diet categories
  3. Features the first Calorie calculation engine for Indian recipes
  4. Discover interesting Cooking Tips in each recipe
  5. Personalize the app with your food/diet preferences
  6. Health Tips with the Ingredients
  7. Ask Questions and Get Answers from Experts
  8. My Kitchen, find matching recipes with ingredients in hand.
  9. Dedicated app for Vegetarian recipes.
  10. Check out this YouTube Video for more..

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"This app does a good job of including the various aspects of Indian cuisine. The user-friendliness makes it easily adaptable to varying cooking styles, from a seasoned cook to a first timer."
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Awesome App
So far I have followed many recipes and they have all come out great! by Buriii1

Great Recipes
Many great ideas here. A few translation issues had me puzzled but searching for terms in app cleared them up. Thanks for the cool app. by mondo8

Surprisingly sweet
Found very informative and easy to use app.Endless recipes of all kinds. Keep up the good work. by SuntG

Great app
The app is easy to use and it has easy to follow recipes. by Dctr2th

Awesome !!!!
I must change the way I eat, and my Dr. Recommended Indian cuisine. I found this app, and I am happy with what I see. It make it easy for my to shop too. I will be talking a out this app on my Blog. Thank You!?? by A.R.Dan

Wide variety of recipes
I like this app bcoz it has various recipes for a single dish. I always get inspired to cook when I surf this and vice versa. by RiddhimaDave

Perfect !
This is the app on Indian food I hoped to find. Thanks heaps! by Taltosdama

Best Indian recipe app ever!!!
Love it!!!Has everything in plain and simple English, all in one place, very organized. I love how it is sorted by regions and categories. Makes it a lot easier since everything is all in one place with no searching around for different recipes on the internet. Even includes nutritional info. Thanks for developing this app, just make sure it doesn't get junky with too many versions of the same recipe. Keep it standard! Users can comment on their additions to the recipes. by GinnySingh80

Great for ideas!
I cook from the hip, so to speak, & this gives me great ideas. Not to mention great search ability & ability to add variations. by Isla2313

Sweet n spicy
The best app for authentic and excellent Indian recipes. Try it. Love it ! by mary lou jacoby

This app is very good it help me so much I improve my cooking skill so much with this app. by Cuteeeeyyyyyyyy

Super useful !
Great recipe collection and interface. Great help on cooking, even for a white guy! by Paul Paneer

Great app
I've been trying my best to recreate restaurant dishes that I love. This app is so helpful with the videos and instructions as well as the detailed ingredient list. by KehmD

Sweet and spicy
Awesome app I use it all the time and I have no complaints at all by 6006number2

Pretty darn good website for Indian cuisines of all sorts by Mumugeshwari

Sweet'N'Spicy mobile moves to Windows Azure to Taste Better IT Services
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