sweetnspicy features
  1. Get over 7200+ recipes with 1200+ video recipes
  2. Well Categorized, including Regional, Special Diet categories
  3. Features the first Calorie calculation engine for Indian recipes
  4. Discover interesting Cooking Tips in each recipe
  5. Personalize the app with your food/diet preferences
  6. Health Tips with the Ingredients
  7. Ask Questions and Get Answers from Experts
  8. My Kitchen, find matching recipes with ingredients in hand.
  9. Dedicated app for Vegetarian recipes.
  10. Check out this YouTube Video for more..

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"This app does a good job of including the various aspects of Indian cuisine. The user-friendliness makes it easily adaptable to varying cooking styles, from a seasoned cook to a first timer."
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Butter chicken and Dosa recipes
Butter chicken was fantastic. Even the children liked it. A very good replica to experiences in Goa. Tried 2 dosa recipes. The easy dosa wasn't to good but the traditional recipe where the mixture ferments was very good, only difficulty was getting it spread thin enough in the pan. Very tasty xx by Jaca tack 1

Great app, I always use this app for curry and I rarely buy take away curry now by Mutkoo

Excellent recipes for Asian (mainly Indian) food
Lots of genuine local recipes for mainly Indian food written and often filmed by local folks showing off their skills. Best Jalfrezi recipe ever too. by Steve in Kingswood

Fantastic cooking app. I wouldn't say I was a fantastic cook but I love cooking. These easy to follow videos and descriptions are great. 5/5 my kitchen is great but 'categories' need a little work. Easy to scroll throw and find something you like. Add to your favourites and cook at a later date. Well done for a great app. by Mrmac0346

My favourite recipe app!
This is FAB! Seriously! I've recommended it to all my mates. Just get it. X by Zenut

The best there is!
This is possibly the best recipe app available, it's certainly the best Indian recipe app.The ingredients list is nicely set out and the instructions are easy to follow.And if that's not enough there are also helpful video clips for lots of the recipes. by Burningrom

Best for Indian
Better then any other five star app at its category for Indian by jigsindian

Nice one for beginners
Its a great help, when i am stuck between ingredients and how to cook. by िरंकू

Great appp!!!!!!
Best indian recipe app out there period!!!!!!! Its a must have for every1 who loves indian food and has a creative tastebuddd!!!!! by Umair1993

Really great app, loads of brilliant food recipes, and a joy to use. by Thomarse84

Super n very useful app
Very friendly n easy to use app..a must download for all the people who have interest and passion towards cooking. I specially want to thank the developers n owners of this app by Avinashkv

Sweet n Spicy
Excellent collection of recipes. The format of the app is well thought out and easy to follow. As a keen cook of Indian food I will get a lot of use out of this app plus it will help me remember ingredients when shopping. by Aidan BL

Couldn't be better
I love this little app. It seems to have been put together (recipes that is) by people who know and love the style and origins of these dishes. The app is great with lots if good ways to find the right dish for you. Looking forward to more recipes as they come. by mjlblake

Fantastic Application
Easy to use. Most simple recipes With all regularly available spices which we use in our daily life!! by Godwin Alex

Great app!
Really enjoying the variety of recipes and the way the app is laid out. Very easy to use! Thanks. by IvanK9000

Sweet'N'Spicy mobile moves to Windows Azure to Taste Better IT Services
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