sweetnspicy features
  1. Get over 7200+ recipes with 1200+ video recipes
  2. Well Categorized, including Regional, Special Diet categories
  3. Features the first Calorie calculation engine for Indian recipes
  4. Discover interesting Cooking Tips in each recipe
  5. Personalize the app with your food/diet preferences
  6. Health Tips with the Ingredients
  7. Ask Questions and Get Answers from Experts
  8. My Kitchen, find matching recipes with ingredients in hand.
  9. Dedicated app for Vegetarian recipes.
  10. Check out this YouTube Video for more..

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"This app does a good job of including the various aspects of Indian cuisine. The user-friendliness makes it easily adaptable to varying cooking styles, from a seasoned cook to a first timer."
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Great recipes
So glad to have found this site , recipes are authentic and delicious,use this app at least once a week. by Kazza 123

Really very useful app.My kitchen module is very helpful among them. God bless you. by Smitu16

Easy to understand, really nice app. Useful for kids recipes also. by Dular01

Give it a try
Have made a few recipes from this app and always a success. Taste great every time. by Curry cook

Great Indian recipe app
Really well done this app. At first I thought it was a bit basic but quickly realised it's actually very well made and simple to navigate. Thousands of recipes and illustrations. I like that it explains the ingredients and it's origins. by Hakeem_the_dream

Sweet n spicy
Excellent guide to review all forgotten recipes and to make changes in food than the tradition foods in practice. by Krishbala

Superb app
What a great app, so much choice, every type of ingredient seems to be used. It covers any type of meal. The recipes are so easy to follow. Clear and precise. Great format. by Mick the traveller

Simply Fantastic
It is very useful and has thousands of recipes. Preparations methods are very detailed, especially the tips and language translation are really great. It would be great if u can add timing for each steps. For eg. Boiling time for egg, boiling time for chicken. by Deva1602

Great kitchen helper
We love the app. So very helpful. Never disappointed. by Dolly's JoJi

It's great app. Keep it up .. Very useful love it Thanks by Nemo221095

Sweet and spicy
Love it. Nice fresh recipes.. Great for my New Years diet! by Sic-Nutz

Great app
Easy to use with easy to follow recipes. Good features to help you use what you've got rather than go shopping. by Micromanse1

This was my first app back then, tried a few fantastic recipes, thanks to those who share! Posted 1 of my own altered by trial n error, had good reviews, thank you! Just got put on a Dosha diet by doctor & can hardly wait to explore some more! by TheD1VA

Great job
Must have app for novice cook. Experts will expand their kitchen variety ????. Nicely build by Selenophile515

Butter chicken and Dosa recipes
Butter chicken was fantastic. Even the children liked it. A very good replica to experiences in Goa. Tried 2 dosa recipes. The easy dosa wasn't to good but the traditional recipe where the mixture ferments was very good, only difficulty was getting it spread thin enough in the pan. Very tasty xx by Jaca tack 1

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