Tuna Stuffed Cherry Tomato

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You will be pleased once you make these and this one is a sure hit for your next party. It is the Tastiest Stuffed Cherry Tomato dish i have ever eaten till day,and also one of the cutest looking dish i have made. In case you do not like tuna that much,you might become a fan after trying this out.


Servings: 2 Preparation time:
  • Tomatoes, Red, Ripe, Raw, Red Tomato (For) 6 (small /cherry) tomatoes
  • Corn, Sweet, Yellow, Raw, Sweet Corn 2 tsp (boiled) corn
  • Onions, Raw, Onion 2 tsp chopped onion fine
  • gherkins, kovals 1 gherkin (chopped fine)
  • Fish, Tuna Salad, 3 tsp tuna
  • 4 tsp mayo
  • Salt, Common Salt, Rock Salt, Table Salt salt to taste
  • Kali Mirch Black Peppercorn, Milagu,kurumulaku, peppers pepper to taste

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Mix well all the above ingredients mentioned and keep aside for 2 min,now prepare the rice by adding regular vinegar or sushi vinegar
  • Stuff the tomato with rice,just a little,not too much
  • Now stuff the tuna melt
  • Top with the cut tomato slice just before serving
  • Cherry Tomato with Tuna Melt Appetizer is ready !!
  • Do try this easy and delicious Cherry Tomato Party Appetizer and let me know if you like it.

Cook's Tip:
if in any food item excess salt is present make small balls of wheat flour with water{like how u make for chapathi } put in the food item , it will absorb the excess salt. later u can remove those balls.
damp paper towel rubbed on corn helps remove cornsilk from the corn.
If you want the onions to be fried soon, add 1 pinch of salt, with onion while roasting and it turns brown soon.


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