Mutton Briyani

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Biryani is eaten on festive occasions and is cooked in many ways. This is a very simple way. Try it.

Servings: 3 Preparation time:
  • Chicken, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Raw, Boneless Chicken 1/2 pound of meat (goat meat)
  • Rice, White, Long-grain, Regular, Cooked, Jasmine Rice, Basmati Rice 1 cup of long grain Basmati rice
  • Onions, Raw, Onion 1/4 cup of onion( thinly sliced )
  • Bay Leaf, Tej Patta 1 bay leaf(dried)
  • Cinnamon, Ground, Cinamon, Dalchini, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Sticks 1 cinnamon (stick)
  • Cloves, Ground, Clove, Lavang 6 cloves
  • Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Pd, Choti Elaichi, Cardamom, Cardamon, Elachi 2 cardamoms(black)
  • Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Pd, Choti Elaichi, Cardamom, Cardamon, Elachi 6 cardamoms(green)
  • Yogurt, Plain, Low Fat, Curd, yoghurt 1 cup of yogurt
  • Ginger Root, Raw, Fresh Ginger 2tsp of ginger (chopped)
  • Garlic, Raw, Garlic flakes, Lahsun, grated garlic, Garlic pods 2tsp of garlic(chopped)
  • Olive Oil, 2 tbsps of olive oil
  • Saffron, NITU DIDI PURE SAFFRON , Kesari Powder, Kesar 2g saffron (soaked in a tsp of water)

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Fry the onions in oil until they are golden brown.
  • Add meat, ginger, garlic, 1 tsp of salt.
  • Add all the spices. Fry the meat. Add yogurt and cook until the water gets evaporated.
  • Add a cup of water, close the cooker.
  • Boil the rice in water. Add 2 cloves to the boiling water, then add rice.
  • when the rice is done, drain it. Make a layer of rice in a glass bowl. Put saffron.
  • Check the meat. when it is completely cooked, add them over the rice.
  • Add second layer of rice. Add saffron.
  • Preheat the oven. Cover the glass bowl with foil. Cook at 200degree for 30mins. Mix them well and taste it.
  • Briyani is ready to serve.

Cook's Tip:
If milk gets curdled or fermented, instead of throwing it away, drain the water from the milk and retain the curd like substance. Transfer to a pan and heat on low flame for about 3 to 4 minutes, stirring in 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar and have it like a sweet dish (this is my friend Emreen's tip-she swears its yummy!).
While cooking cabbage, add a bay leaf. This will reduce the smell during cooking and also give a subtle flavor.
Add cardamom peels to the tea canister, instead of throwing them away. It will lend a very subtle flavour of cardamom to every cup of tea you brew!


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