Mutta Mala And Kinnathappam

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Kerala Malabar Muslim cuisine is famous for special Mopplah flavours, which are influenced by various foreign influences. The Arab influence is evident in some of the dishes like Alisa, a wholesome wheat and meat porridge. Certain variety of dishes like pathiri, chicken curry, unnakayi, adakupattiri, jeerakanji, meen pattiri, arikkadukka, aripathiri, mutta mala ( made of the yolk of eggs prepared with out a trace of oil ) are the speciality of the Mopplahs. Most popular dish is mutton biryani.

Servings: 3 Preparation time:
  • For Mutta Mala:
  • Egg, Whole, Raw, Anda eggs - 15
  • Brown Sugar, sugar - 500gms
  • Water Boiled Plain Raw Mineral, Hot, Warm Cold, Mix, sparkling, Carbonated water - 3cups
  • For Kinnathappam:
  • Egg, Whole, Raw, Anda eggs - 15
  • Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Pd, Choti Elaichi, Cardamom, Cardamon, Elachi cardamom powder - 6 nos.
  • left over syrup from mutta mala

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Separate the yolks and whites of the egg. Keep the whites for kinnathappam.
  • Strain the egg yolk through a muslin cloth into a clean dry bowl.
  • Clean a coconut shell and make a very small hole at the center.
  • Put sugar and 2 cups of water in a wide heavy vessel. Add a little egg white, rubbing it
  • well.
  • Place it on the fire. When it boils remove all the scum.
  • Remove it from the fire and strain through a muslin cloth.
  • Heat it again and make syrup of one string consistency.
  • Take the coconut shell and fill it with egg yolk, stopping the hole with the finger.
  • Remove your finger and pour the yolk in the boiling syrup in a circular motion to form
  • chain like strings.
  • Pour it continuously until the egg yolk in the shell has all been used up. By this time the
  • yolk will be cooked.
  • Reduce the heat and sprinkle a little cold water.
  • Remove the egg strings from the syrup with out breaking them.
  • Spread in a thali and keep slightly raised to remove the excess syrup.
  • Use up all the eggs yolks this way. When the syrup becomes thick add a little water to
  • bring it back to one string consistency.
  • Arrange the mutta mala or the garlands in a large plate and put kinnathappam in the
  • middle.

Cook's Tip:
While boiling potatoes and eggs, add little salt so, they do not break and are well boiled.
Always warm dry spices like cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, etc. on a griddle before powdering. They will grind faster and the powder will be finer.
To prevent ants in the sugar, put 5-6 cloves in the box of sugar.


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