Fruit And Vegetable Juice

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I feel fruits and vegetables are god’s gifts for us. Make use of them the right way, and this is the one. Add fresh fruits and vegetables into every meal of your’s and observe the changes in your body. You’ll feel active and fresh all the day. Enjoy!!!


Servings: 2 Preparation time:
  • Fuji Apple – 1 (big)
  • Grapeseed Oil, Grape Seed Oil Grapes (seedless) – 1/2 cup
  • Cucumber, With Peel, Raw, spanish cucumber (Salad) Cucumber (cut off the ends) – 1
  • Orange (peeled)- 1/2 big

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Add all the fruits and vegetables one by one into the juicer to extract the juice. Enjoy immediately.
  • If you don’t have juicer, chop all the fruits and vegetables into bite size pieces and blend with enough water and strain it. (this process is time taking ).
  • If you are a person like me who like fresh juice, then it is worth investing on a juicer like so. Enjoy!!!

Cook's Tip:
How to buy Cucumber? Well-shaped, firm, bright, sometimes light green, but with a slight sheen


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