Eggless Chocolate Muffins Without Condensed M

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Not every one of us likes to eat eggs. And those who do not eat eggs or have a strong nose to eggs, generally avoid eating cakes, muffins, and pastries. Being a vegetarian, I always avoid eggs in my cakes and muffins. As my family says that I have a strong nose, which stops me from eating cakes and muffins from any bakery. The alternate is eggless cake and muffin.


Servings: 9 Preparation time:
  • Wheat Flour, White, All-purpose, Unenriched, Atta 11/2 cups of All-purpose Flour
  • Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Cooking 1/3 cup of Oil
  • Brown Sugar, 1 cup of sugar
  • Milk, Producer, Warm, hot ½ cup of milk
  • Baking Soda, Powder, Cooking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Bi-carb ½ tsp of Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda, Powder, Cooking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Bi-carb ½ tsp of Baking Soda
  • Coffee, Instant, Regular, Powder, Instant Coffee 1 tsp of Instant Coffee Powder
  • 3 tbs of Cocoa Powder
  • Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Essence 1 tsp of Vanilla essence
  • 1 tbs of Vinegar
  • Choco chips (Optional)

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • • In a bowl, take Milk, Oil, Vanilla Essence and Sugar. Mix all well.
  • • Take another bowl. Mix All-purpose flour, Baking soda, Baking powder, Coffee powder and Cocoa powder in it. Sieve all the dry ingredients all together.
  • • Mix all the dry ingredients into wet ingredients and fold gently to make a smooth batter.
  • • Add one tablespoon of Vinegar to the batter and keep the batter aside for 5 minutes.
  • • Meanwhile, preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes.
  • • Take a muffin tray and arrange muffin liners in it.
  • • Fill all the muffin moulds up to ¾. Sprinkle some Choco chips.
  • • Bake these muffins at 180 degree Celsius for 25 minutes or until they pass the toothpick test.
  • • Once done, take out baked muffins and let them cool.

Cook's Tip:
If you have burned food while cooking there is no need to scour the pot. Pour out the burnt food and then add milk to the pot.
To prevent food from sticking, heat the frying pan, then add oil.
Putting 3-4 cloves in the sugar container will keep the ants at bay.


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