Cumin Flavored Basmathi Rice

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Servings: 2 Preparation time:
  • Basmati Rice, Basmathi Rice Basmathi Rice (Wash well under water and soak in fresh water for 30 mins) – 1 Cup
  • Onions, Raw, Onion Onion (Sliced) – 1
  • Green Chillies, Chilies, Hot Chili, Green, Raw, Chilli, Chilly Green Chilies (Slit) – 6( or to taste)
  • Salt, Common Salt, Rock Salt, Table Salt Salt – to taste
  • Butter, (Clarified) Butter (Ghee) – 2 Tbsp
  • Cinnamon, Ground, Cinamon, Dalchini, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Sticks Cinnamon – 1.5( inch piece)
  • Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Pd, Choti Elaichi, Cardamom, Cardamon, Elachi Cardamom- 2
  • Cumin Seed, Shahi Jeera, Nitu Didi cumin seed Cumin Seeds – 2 tsp
  • Coriander Leaf Corriander, Cilantro Leaves, Green, Leaves, Parsley Leaves, Coriander Cilantro (finely Chopped) – 1 Tbsp

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • In a wide non- stick pan, add in ghee. Heat it on medium high, and when the ghee is melted and medium hot add in the cumin seeds and let them sizzle.
  • Add in Cinnamon stick and cardamoms and fry for 15 secs.
  • Add green chilies. onions. Sprinkle some salt and cook till onion become tender.
  • Drain the water from the basmathi rice and add it to the pan, fry for 2 mins.
  • Add 1 1/2 Cups of water, salt. Mix well. Bring it to a boil.
  • Cover the pan and cook on medium heat for 7 mins.
  • Gently mix the rice, add in cilantro. Cover the pan and cook on LOW heat for 5 mins. Turn OFF the heat.
  • Serve this after resting in the pan for 5 mins with raitha or simple pickle and yogurt or any Indian Curry.

Cook's Tip:
Avoid the use of butter. It it is essential to use, use a butter containing low saturated fat or with plant stanols (which avoid absorption of cholesterol by our body) or similar substitutes.
Always warm dry spices like cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, etc. on a griddle before powdering. They will grind faster and the powder will be finer.
Whole cinnamon sticks gives a spicy aroma to food. Whole sticks are used and later removed. Ground cinnamon are normally used in baking.


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