Chicken Biryani

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Servings: 3 Preparation time:
  • Jeeraga samba rice (or) Basmathi - 200 gm
  • Water Boiled Plain Raw Mineral, Hot, Warm Cold, Mix, sparkling, Carbonated Water - 400 ml
  • Tamato - 1 no
  • Onion - small 50 gm,big 1
  • Mint -little
  • Corriander leaves - little
  • Curd - 4 spoon
  • Green Chillies, Chilies, Hot Chili, Green, Raw, Chilli, Chilly Green chilly - 3 no
  • Ginger - 2 inch
  • Chilly Garlic Sauce, Garlic - 15 to 20 nos
  • Peppers, Hot Chili, Red, Raw, Red Chilies, Chillies, Dry Red Chillies, Chilly Red chilly -4 no
  • Cloves, Ground, Clove, Lavang cloves - 8 to 10 no
  • Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Pd, Choti Elaichi, Cardamom, Cardamon, Elachi Cardamon - 4 no
  • Cinnamon 3 inch
  • Big jeera - 2 small spoon
  • Coconut , Raw, Fresh Coconut - 5 pieces
  • Chicken, Meat And Skin And Giblets And Neck, Raw, Boneless Chicken Chicken -1/4
  • Salt, Common Salt, Rock Salt, Table Salt Salt - to taste
  • Oil - 2 karandi full
  • Ghee - 1 karandi full

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Grind the below in a food processor or mixie:
  • Red chilly,Cloves,cardamon,cinnamon,Big jeera -Powder
  • Ginger, Garlic - Paste
  • Coconut - milk
  • Take cooker and put chicken and poor 2 cups of water and put salt and then close the lid. Wait for 3-4 whistles and then let it to cool down.
  • Take a pan add oil and ghee let it to heat for some time. The put onion fry it to become golden brown.
  • Then add ginger garlic and fry it well till the smell goes.
  • Then add green chilly, garam masala powder fry it
  • Then add tomato, mint ,coriander, curd, mix it well.
  • Then add the chicken and mix it well.
  • Take the chicken water (1 cup) from the cooker and coconut (1 half cup) and mix it well.
  • Then add salt for taste. Then add rice and close the lid until the rice gets cooked.
  • Serve it with raita or chicken curry

Cook's Tip:
cut thin potatoe slices and a bit of oil and spread at the bottom of the pan before adding your rice and meat. The rice dose not burn or stick to the pan the enjoy crispy potatoes chips with your biryani.
Its much easier to grind small cardamom if you add some sugar to it while grinding.
Putting 3-4 cloves in the sugar container will keep the ants at bay.


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