Burnt Garlic Noodles

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Servings: 3 Preparation time:
  • 3 Packets Hakka Noodles
  • Garlic, Raw, Garlic flakes, Lahsun, grated garlic, Garlic pods (Finely Chopped) 3 Tbsp Garlic
  • Onions, Raw, Onion 1 Onion
  • Green Chillies, Chilies, Hot Chili, Green, Raw, Chilli, Chilly 5 Green Chilies
  • Spring Onions, Green, ( fist full) spring onion (sprigs )
  • Peppers, Hot Chili, Red, Raw, Red Chilies, Chillies, Dry Red Chillies, Chilly 5 Dried Red Chilies
  • 1/2 Tsp MSG(ajinomoto)
  • Salt, Common Salt, Rock Salt, Table Salt Salt as per taste
  • Sesame Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Gingelly Oil 4 Tbsp (Peanut or) Sesame Oil

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Pre cook the noodles following the package directions.
  • In a heavy bottom wok or Pressure cooker heat oil on low flame if your using sesame oil the oil should burn.
  • To the oil add garlic and fry till light golden brown in color.
  • Add the red chilies and green chill fry a bit. Add the onion and spring onion fry till transparent.
  • Add salt and msg fry all the ingredients add the noodles and toss garnish with spring onions and serve hot...Enjoy...:)

Cook's Tip:
If your recipe has come out too salt (salty), try adding a little cider vinegar, ½ tsp at a time, to curb the taste
Good cookware usually lasts longer and is a better investment than cheap ones. You won’t need to use as much oil on cleaning a quality cooking surface. Clean up is also usually easier, resulting in less need for detergents, further saving you money.
Keep garlic skins from sticking to your hands while peeling Soak the garlic flakes in a cup of water for five minutes before peeling


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