Arachuvitta Onion Sambar

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Servings: 4 Preparation time:
  • Onions, Raw, Onion ½ Kg (peeled Chinna Vengayam /Small) Onions
  • 1 Cup Tur dal
  • Tamarinds, Raw, Imli, Tamarind Paste, Tamarind, Tamarid 1(Small Lemon sized) Tamarind
  • Coriander Leaf Corriander, Cilantro Leaves, Green, Leaves, Parsley Leaves, Coriander 3(TO-4) Tsp Coriander leaves
  • Gur, Jaggery, Soft, Powder 1 tsp Jaggery
  • Sunflower Oil, Cooking Oil Refined, Sunflower Oil, Linoleic, Hydrogenated Oil 4(to -5) Tsp Sunflower Oil
  • Mustard Seed, Ground, Sarson, Mustered,mustard Seed Powder ¾ Tsp Mustard Seeds (for Seasoning)
  • Fenugreek Seed, Kasuri Methi, Kasoori Methi Dried, Menthya, Vendayam, Menthulu,uluva ¾ Tsp Methi Seeds (for Seasoning)
  • To grind :
  • Coconut , Raw, Fresh 3(to-4 )Tsp (grated) Coconut
  • Coriander Seeds, Hara Dhaniya 1 tsp Coriander seeds
  • Fenugreek Seed, Kasuri Methi, Kasoori Methi Dried, Menthya, Vendayam, Menthulu,uluva ¼ Tsp (Mendiyam )Methi Seeds
  • Peppers, Hot Chili, Red, Raw, Red Chilies, Chillies, Dry Red Chillies, Chilly 2(to-3 Nos) Dried Red Chili
  • Chickpeas, Garbanzo Beans, Bengalgram, Mature Seeds, Raw, Channa, Kabuli Chana Dal, Chana Dal, Gram Dhal ½ Tsp Chana Dal

Instructions (Preparation Steps):

  • Dry roast all the ingredients other than grated coconut, in Table 2 in 2 tsp of oil. Roast until they slightly begin to change color and a lovely aroma of roasted spices begins to come .Let it cool down. Grind along with coconut, using a little water (4- 6 tsp) and obtain a fine, thick paste.
  • ·
  • Soak tamarind in 1/2 cup of warm water for 10 min. Squeeze out all the juice of the tamarind & keep it aside. Pressure cook the Tur Dal and set it aside once its
  • cooked.
  • ·
  • Peel the onions, wash them and set it aside. If the onions are slightly large chop them into two halves.
  • ·
  • In a kadai, fry the onions in 2-3 tsp of oil to eliminate the raw smell. To this , add tamarind water , turmeric powder & salt to taste.
  • ·
  • Allow this mix to boil for some time. Sprinkle some jaggery and about 1 cup of water if quantity has reduced to half.Allow this mix to boil further. At this stage add cooked tur dal and the coconut- spices paste. Let this mixture boil for a little more time until sambar is well mixed with all the new additional ingredients.
  • ·
  • Turn of the gas and prepare for seasoning in another small pan. Heat 1 tsp of oil and add mustard seeds and methi seeds. Once the mustard begins to splutter, quickly pour it onto the prepared sambar.
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  • Garnish the Sambar with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Onion Sambar is ready to be
  • served with Rice & Aloo Podimas (A Potato delicacy). An Ideal Sunday
  • Lunch.
  • NOTES:
  • Use freshly grated coconut or
  • frozen grated coconut to get optimised flavour. Desiccated coconut would
  • altogether alter the flavour and is not recommendable.
  • You could use large onions, but
  • the small onions ( shallots) renders a bit of sweet flavour .
  • Dried Chilli could be increased
  • if you like it spicier. If you do not enjoy your sambar with a ting of
  • sweetness, reduce the jaggery further.

Cook's Tip:
Add a few methi (fenugreek) seeds to toor dal while pressure cooking. This makes the dal easier to digest.
Use sprouted mustard seeds (rayee) and fenugreek (methi) seeds for your tadkas. Both of them when sprouted have more nutritional values. Also this add flavour to the dish and can be more beneficial, besides giving decorative look to the dish.
While cutting jackfruit apply little oil to the knife as well as your hands. It will cut easily and prevent your hands and the knife from getting sticky.


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