Website Rules

The following things are not allowed in our site:

1) Cheating.  This includes creating more than one account, attempting to artificially inflate the rating or ranking of a particular recipe or any other behavior designed to manipulate a rating, ranking, or score.

2) Hate Speech.  Hate speech on the basis of race, sexual preference, age, or physical handicap will not be tolerated. 

3) Threats and Harassment of Members. 

4) Bad/Inappropriate/pf words,.  This includes content posted in feedbacks, profiles, user names, comments, etc.

5) Off Topic Posts.  Posting comments that have nothing to do with the recipes being rated. This includes rating recipes with advertisements or adding comments with which you have no personal experience.

6) Spam. 

7) Calls to action (e.g. Requesting boycott a brand, member, etc.)

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